ICNM Awards 2013 – Le Centre Bach


ICNM (l’Institut pour les thérapies complémentaires et naturelles) a été créé il y a 4 ans. L’objectif de cet institut anglais est la diffusion d’informations et la tenue d’un registre de praticiens professionnels. C’est le Centre Bach que l’ICNM a choisi de récompenser en 2013 comme meilleure thérapie complémentaire.

« Best Complementary Medicine Company »

Winner – The Bach Centre

Dr Edward Bach founded the Bach Centre in 1936 as a place to develop and distribute plant remedies. He died in the same year but left responsibility for the continued existence of his flower remedy system to his assistants Nora Weeks and Victor Bullen. Without any advertising, they and their successors at the Centre kept Bach’s work alive and available, and saw interest grow until by the end of the 1980s, the Centre was shopping 80,000 stock bottles a week out of a small cottage in Oxfordshire. When the business side became too big, the Centre sold its manufacturing side, choosing to remain small and concentrate on education and the registration of practitioners. The first courses ran at the Centre in 1991; to date, more than 100,000 people have attended Bach Centre-approved courses in 40 countries. More than 2,500 students have completed the programme and have joined the Bach Centre’s International Register. This award is for 80 years of continued service to complementary medicine, first as a lone pioneer for flower essences, then as a highly-regarded manufacturing company, and latterly as a committed and forward-looking registering and educational body. »

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